Join us!

We wish to help children, youth and families in need. 
We wish to help children, youth and families in need. 
We strongly believe that we can help children, youth and families in need through care and education. All of our work is funded by voluntary donations. All of these above mentioned projects are 100% dependent on the monthly contribution from Europe in Focus to function. In other words, there are thousands of people that depende on those donations in order to survive. 

Our focus is on the person as a whole, on each individual. Our wish is to help them with what they need, when they need it and we keep vigil over what those needs are at all times.

You can choose which projects you wish to support and your donation will go directly into that fund. You can follow the developement of these projects through our blogg and on Facebook and see that your donations are being used properly.  

So join us in giving hope to those who so desperately need it. 


Stiftelsen Europa i Fokus 

Elektronisk IBAN-kontonummer: NO1222006654731

Phone: +47 90 74 35 00